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Myanmar Committee

Activity guidelines
Inheriting the activity guidelines of the former Japan-Myanmar Association for Industry of Housing and Urban Development (JMHU), the committee collects information on the actual demand and relevant systems etc. related to housing, building and urban development in Myanmar, organizes information exchanges, conferences, and meetings to exchange viewpoints, conducts mutual visits by interested parties, and carries out other exchanges with relevant parties in the housing, building and urban development industry in Myanmar, in order to promote the development of the housing industry between the two countries.
Main Activities
  • Implementation of mutual visits and information exchange based on a Memorandum of Understanding with the Myanmar Construction Entrepreneurs Federation (MCEF)
  • Administration and management of Pilot Project in collaboration with MCEF
  • Collecting and providing information on the building and housing industry in Myanmar
  • Welcoming MCEF delegations visiting Japan and conducting information exchange seminars and tours to various areas

North America and Oceania Committee

Activity guidelines
Through the collection and exchange of information with organizations related to the housing industry in mainly North America and Oceania etc., the members cooperate with one another to deepen their understanding of one another, contributing to the development of housing-related industries in each country.
Main Activities
  • Mutual cooperation in information sharing and problem resolution with housing-related organizations of each country through joint participation in the International Housing Association (IHA)
  • Strengthening bilateral relations and cooperating mutually in matters of shared interest in the housing industry based on a Memorandum of Understanding & Association with Housing Industry Association Ltd. of Australia (HIA).

International Exchange Committee

Activity Guidelines and Main Activities
Organizing events which neither include in the Myanmar Committee nor North America and Oceania Committee such as conducting seminars and welcoming delegations for the purpose of information exchange.