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30th June 2022

As an organizer, JIBH held WOODRISE 2021 BUSINESS SESSION from May 22 to 27, 2022.WOODRISE is an international congress for the development of mid-rise and high-rise wooden buildings that attract industry stakeholders from around the world. It started out in 2017 under the initiative of France (FCBA, the French Institute of Technology for Forest-based and Furniture Sectors) and Canada (FPInnovations). The first congress was held in Bordeaux, France in 2017, the second in Quebec City, Canada in 2019, .and the third was "WOODRISE 2021 KYOTO", Japan's first WOODRISE congress in October 2021. On the other hand, we had no choice but to give up some of the events during this WOODRISE 2021 KYOTO event. To offer those events that were missed in the conference, we held the WOODRISE 2021 BUSINESS SESSION. 


Under the theme of "Wooden Architecture for Sustainable Development: From Tradition to the Future," as we set in Kyoto, we had various programs to promote mid- and high-rise wooden architecture by companies and organizations. We had Thematic Presentations and focus on "economy," "environment," and "health" from a business perspective. In addition, we had B to B Meeting, Gala Dinners, and other social events to exchange views and ideas among industry participants from Japan and abroad. Moreover, we had Technical Tours and visited the traditional wooden architecture, the latest mid-rise and high-rise wooden architecture, and research institutes researching cutting-edge technologies.


With approximately 300 participants participating, the congress ended on a high note. Regarding COVID-19, things didn’t get back to normal, hence 20 participants came to Japan from France, Australia, and Norway.


We express our sincere gratitude to those who supported and cooperated with us and those who attended.


Through WOODRISE, JIBH will advance our activities to promote the spread and development of mid-rise and high-rise wooden buildings and contribute not only to the related industries but also to society.


The next WOODRISE will be held in Bordeaux, France in 2023.


From the look of the Opening Ceremony


From the look of the social event, Gala Dinner

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