Japan International Association for the Industry of Building and Housing



     The  association collects and exchanges a wide range of information with related countries in order to cooperate as an industry for the purpose of developing the building and housing industry in other countries that are closely related to Japan.  The purpose is to promote exchanges, foster a healthy relationship in the building and housing industry with other countries, and promote friendship and goodwill with the countries concerned.


【Activity guidelines】

     The association carries out the following activities in order to achieve the above-mentioned goals.

(1) Collection and exchange of information concerning the actual demand, relevant systems, etc. in the building and housing industry in related countries

(2) Interaction with relevant parties in the building and housing industry in related countries, including the conduct of conferences, exchange of views, mutual visits by relevant parties and so on

(3) Support pertaining to the administration of bilateral meetings etc.

(4) Other businesses required to archieve purpose of this corporation


 Message from the chairman


     The association was established in Octorber 2018 with the aim of actively promoting international affairs in the building and housing sector.  So far, international activities in the building and housing sector have fostered exchanges by the Japan-Myanmar Association for Industry of Housing and Urban Development (JMHU) participation in the International Housing association (IHA) at the Japan Federation of Housing Organizations, exchanges with overseas gorvernments etc. through the Japan Global Exchange Forum for Housing, Building and Urban Development (JHBUD), as well as overseas development by Japanese companies, with activities related to international affairs being conducted by the respective organizations.

     By administering and implementing these initiatives centrally with the wstablishment of this association, closer coorporation among the concerned countries and consolidation of overseas information etc. can be archieved, allowing even more dynamic and effective activities to be developed.

     Japan's technological capabilities in improving earthquake resistance, and the quality of its housing components, equipment and materials as well as operation and maintenance acapabilities in the building and housing sector are highly rated overseas.  Nowadays, Japanese companies are also very active in overseas development.

     With this background in mind, the association strives to disseminate information and provide business opportunities that will contribute to the overseas business development and expansion of its member companies.  The association also contributes to the economic development of each country under the guidance and support of government agencies such as the Ministery of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) etc., by promoting private sector exchanges in the building, housing and urban development sector with the countries concerned.

     Many companies have joined the association, so we would like to actively support their business overseas while maintaining close information exchanges among the companies.

     We look forward to your continued guidance and support in the future.


Ryu Yano, Chairman





 Myanmar Committee

【Activity guidelines】

     Inheriting the activity guidelines of the former Japan-Myanmar association for Industry of Housing and Urban Development (JMHU), the committee collects information on the actual demand and relevant systems etc. related to housing, building and urban development in Myanmar, organize information exchanges, conferences and meetings to exchange viewpoints, conduct nutual visits by interested parties and carries out other exchanges with relevant parties in thee housing, building and urban development industry in Myanmar, in order to promote the development of the housing industry between the two countries.

【Activity details】

  1. Implement mutual visits and information exchange based on a Memorandum of Understanding with the Myanmar Construction Entrepreneurs Association (MCEA)
  2. Administer and manage Pilot Project in collaboration with MCEA
  3. Collect and provide information on the building and housing industry in Myanmar
  4. Welcome MCEA delegations visiting Japan, conduct information exchange seminars, and conduct visits to various areas
  5. Other businesses required to achieve the goals


North America and Oceania Committee

【Activity guidelines】

     Through the collection and exchange of information with organizations related to the housing industry in mainly North america and Oceania stc., the menbers cooperate with one onother to deepentheir understanding of one onother, contributing to the development of housing-related industries in each country.

【Activity details】

  1. Mutual cooperation in information sharing and problem resolution with housing-related organizations od each coutry through joint participation with the InternationalHousing Association (IHA)
  2. A Memorandum of Understanding will be signed between the Housing Industry Association Ltd. of Australia (HIA) and the Japan International Association for the Industry if Building and Housing (JIBH) in 2019 to further strengthen bilateralrelations and in order to mutually cooperate in matters of shared interest in the housing industry
International Exchange Committee 

【Activity guidelines】

     Target activities include the organization of events not included in the activities of the Myanmar Committee or North America and Oceania Committee, conduct of seminars with countries that do not belong to any these organizations, welcoming delegations etc. for the purpose of information exchange and other interaction.

The participating companies and company-in-charge are determined every time a project is initiated e.g. upon request by a government.  If it is possible to conduct regular activities such as periodic seminars, these shall be considered by establishing a new committee in the Steering Committee.